Orange Tweets is a twitter visualizer designed for ING Direct. It was given a redesign to encourage engagement from both ING and the users. This interactive site was designed to work online as well as in store at ING CAFES.

OT was designed to show time through size of the balloons. The larger they are the more current the tweet or retweet. The smaller balloons were archived tweets that would filter through behind.

The first two layers of balloons were interactive with each other, the user would be able to slide, fling and hit balloons into each other.

When you create your own Orange Tweet balloon you were able to customize what it looked like and it would carry your profile picture as the basket. When the tweet launches it takes off with the sound of ignited flame heating up your balloon.

Depending on the time of day the sky would change colour from sunrise, daylight, midnight.

The filters at the bottom of the page would allow you to control the incoming content from ING Direct branches, Peter Aceto or live events.

check out the video here,