Burger King selling Happy meals for adults

Everyone enjoyed getting a kids meal when they we’re younger so Burger King decided to launch an adult meal version complete with an 18+ adult toy in each bag. Perfectly timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day of course!

The best stuff regardless of the medium is done with out of the box thinking.


CD’s are Hungry for fresh meat

Portfolio is creeping up and creative directors are hungrier than ever for some fresh creatives. It’s a bit controversial in some peoples eyes but I absolutely love the insight that Creative Directors aren’t just hungry for creative students but awards and good work.



Sassy Charmin

I did not realize how fun Charmin was on twitter, Every brand should try to be more engaging like this… unless you’re a funeral home.



Ikea Single Multi Billboard

Although it is a bit hard to read some colors it is still very innovative and unique.

RGB Billboard