James Brandan

Burger King selling Happy meals for adults

Everyone enjoyed getting a kids meal when they we’re younger so Burger King decided to launch an adult meal version complete with an 18+ adult toy in each bag. Perfectly timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day of course!

The best stuff regardless of the medium is done with out of the box thinking.


Brands helping Fort McMurray

Brands are doing their part to rally support and donations for Alberta and Fort McMurray, I especially love how Starbucks modified their packaging. In my experiences some brands aren’t always open or have the capabilities to affect packaging on short notice.

Labatts even started bottling cans of water to provide to the families in the area. Read the full article on strategy.




LCBO new vs old logo

LCBO rebrand is a little bit shocking, I am not very impressed by there inventiveness for this brand but at the same time I enjoy the cleanliness of this. Its beautifully boring. What do you think?





Reebok & Bacon

weird? I think not. Bacon goes with anything and everything… even running.



Infographic: True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business?

A study of the world’s top 100 brands (determined by brand value) analyzed each brand’s logo and found the following in this infographic.


Promoted Pins

Pinterest announces Promoted Pins



If I Were 22 : Guy Kawasaki

Very good read for the young professionals out there right now… I know I took something away from this.


2014 Young Lions – Finalists

After several years of entering the globe and mail young lions competition I have made it to the shortlist.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.48.30 AM


Check out the project within my portfolio, David Suzuki Foundation.

CD’s are Hungry for fresh meat

Portfolio is creeping up and creative directors are hungrier than ever for some fresh creatives. It’s a bit controversial in some peoples eyes but I absolutely love the insight that Creative Directors aren’t just hungry for creative students but awards and good work.



Amazon-ing Technology

I think this is a very cool piece of technology that will make peoples lives easier as one of the biggest hassles is getting out to the grocery store and when you do… your always forgetting that one thing you needed the most. This way when you run out of something add it to your list and away you go.